The following expectations for student dress have been established to promote a safe and
optimum learning environment.
Apparel or appearance which tends to draw attention to an individual rather than
to a learning situation must be avoided. In matters of opinion, the judgment of the
principal/designee shall prevail.
The following standards will be observed at Washburn School:
1. Pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging allowed.

2. Shirts and blouses must completely cover the abdomen, back, shoulders, and must

have sleeves. Shirts or tops must cover the waistband of pants or skirts that are worn at
the waistline, as long as pockets remain visible and no midriff is showing.
3. Head apparel must not be worn inside the building. Caps and hats are not allowed at
school (except team baseball/softball caps for practice or games).
4. Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities.
5. Clothing and accessories such as backpacks, patches, jewelry, and notebooks must not
display (1) racial or ethnic slurs/symbols, (2) gang affiliations, (3) vulgar, subversive, or
sexually suggestive language or images nor promote products which students may not
legally buy, such as alcohol or illegal drugs.
6. Skirts, dresses, shorts, and shorts must reach mid-thigh.
7. Prohibited items include (1) large, long, and heavy chains, (2) studded or chained
accessories, (3) sunglasses, (4) sleepwear, (5) skintight outer materials such as spandex,
and (6) full-length coats.
8. All facial jewelry shall be limited to the ears (no tongue rings, lip or eyebrow
piercings, etc.).
The school administration reserves the right to determine whether the student’s attire is
within the limits of decency and modesty.
The principal may allow exceptions in special circumstances or occasions such as holidays
or special performances and may further prescribe dress in certain classes such as physical
education, vocational classes, and science labs.
Any student not attired in accordance with the foregoing policy shall be subject to the
following consequences:
1st offense – Get in touch with the parents to bring appropriate clothing. If not possible,
students may have to be isolated.
2nd offense – One (1) day suspension.
Subsequent offenses will be dealt with on an individual basis at the discretion of the principal.
The principal and the faculty shall determine the appropriateness of dress and grooming to
the school situation. When, in the opinion of the principal, a student is not attired appropriately
or exhibits grooming which is considered detrimental or distracting to the school environment,
action will be taken at the discretion of the principal or designee.