Students are not allowed to bring hats, bandannas, toys, playing cards, pocket knives,
box cutters, razor blades, e-cigarettes and vaporizer, etc. According to Grainger County School                                               Board Policy, personal electronic devices such as CD players, iPods, or MP3 players may be                                                 stored in backpacks, purses or personal carry-alls; however, students are strongly discouraged                                         from bringing such items to school because they are easily lost or stolen. The use of the devices                                    during school hours is strictly forbidden. Use or improper storage of the personal electronic device                                       will result in confiscation of the device. A student in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary                                  action. Students may possess personal communication devices, such as cell phones, while on
school property. However, they must be in off mode and must be kept in a backpack, purse
etc., and may not be used during school hours. The principal and his/her designee may grant a
student permission to use a cell phone at his/her discretion. Use of camera phones are strictly
prohibited on school property or functions.
Any student choosing to violate this policy will be issued an office referral and the device
will be taken for up to ten (10) days. Each subsequent violation will add an additional ten (10)
days of confiscation to the previous offense. (i.e. A student who gets a cell phone/electronic
device taken up for the third time will have the cell phone/electronic device confiscated for
thirty (30) days.) A parent (only) must pick up the cell phone/electronic device when it can be
returned. Students violating this policy will also be punished under the Office Referral Policy.