Grainger County Schools have adopted a Zero-Tolerance Policy that is in effect for all
Grainger County students. This policy or law is mandated by the state and federal government.
Zero-Tolerance simply means any student found in violation of the following acts shall be
expelled from all Grainger County Schools for one calendar year.
Violations include:

  1. A student under the influence or in possession of an illegal drug or a controlled drug.
  2. A student who brings or possesses a firearm or dangerous weapon.
  3. A student committing battery on a teacher or other school employee. 
  4. A student who transmits by electronic device any communication containing a credible                                                 threat to cause bodily injury or death to another student or school employee and the                                  transmission of such threat creates actual disruptive activity at the school that requires                             administrative intervention.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all of our
students in Grainger County. Please help us avoid using this policy by talking and explaining to
your child/children about the severity of this policy.
Students with disabilities as identified by IDEA and/or Section 504 will be disciplined in
accordance with applicable laws and guidelines governing disciplinary actions for these students.