Leaving School

Leaving the school grounds without following proper procedures, including parent or
guardian permission, will result in a one day Saturday school assignment. Failure to attend
Saturday school will result in a 8-45 day alternative school assignment. A second offense will
result in a 8-45 day alternative school placement.
Notes for early dismissal of students will only be accepted at the beginning of the school day. A
phone number must be included and verification may be required before the student is allowed to
leave school.
When picking up a child, parents are asked to come to the office to pick up and sign
out children.
Washburn High School is a closed campus school.
Students who sign out and leave school early cannot return to school for a later class period
or after school ball practice or game unless they have a doctor’s excuse or prior permission
from school administrator.
All students leaving school early should follow proper procedures:
• Permission from parent or guardian communicated by phone or letter to office staff
(remember, notes are to be given to office staff upon arriving at school so they can
be verified before student is to sign out), or students actually signed out by parent
or guardian.
• Student name, parent name and other information must be entered on sign out sheet.