Students participating in any sport are under the direct supervision of the coach of that
sport. In addition to the policies of this handbook, athletes are subject to any other rules of
conduct and training as instituted by the coach.
To participate in a sport, the student must:
1. Have passed his/her subjects the semester past;
2. Presently be taking required subjects;
3. Come under the proper age limits;
4. Pass a physical examination as given by the school doctor, or the family doctor;
5. Have insurance as specified by the school.
Transportation will be furnished for players to away games. Buses will leave the school
and come back to the school. Parents are responsible for getting students to school and back
home. No one will ride the buses to away events except players and coaches. Students who
ride the buses to games must return on the buses unless a parent is present at the game to
pick up the student.
No athlete or cheerleader will be allowed to dress out for a game if he/she is absent from
school the day of the game unless a doctor’s excuse is presented or evidence is furnished if
there is a death in the family.
A student is to remember that any school activity or athletic event, held on or off Washburn
Campus, is still under the supervision of the school.